“I’ve loved having an excuse to get together with old friends and reconnect through an integral part of our shared memories. I feel a sense of pride seeing the program grow knowing that my history (no matter how long ago!) helped build it. My current involvement in the association further enhances my connection to this part of my past! It’s fulfilling to be involved in a cause I care about outside of work, my family and my friends. Everyone new I’ve met is inclusive, appreciative, and welcoming!”

–Erica Drewry, 2002–06

“PRIDE AND TRADITION are two words that come to mind when I think of the OSUDT Alumni Society. No matter how many years have passed, the connection between old friends and new, we have one strong bond and that is our love and commitment to The Ohio State University Dance Team. When you attend an event the smiles and welcoming hugs make you feel as if you never left. My greatest joy when I return and watch the team is seeing a glimpse of tradition that has been passed on through the years. Our history is rich from the beginning years. Two moments stand out. In the early years soon after becoming the head coach, Melissa asked for alumni to come and speak with the team about our years. She wanted them to know the history and to have a strong understanding of where this team began. This was before championships and so many successes! The second moment was attending my very first Alumni basketball performance. I was beyond proud to see when circling up the team was still following tradition with certain breakdown rituals. For the coaching staff to hold the dance team history in such high regard and importance years ago, it has certainly contributed to their success and growth of the program. It is ALL a piece of the pride and tradition felt through the journey of The Ohio State Dance Team.”

–Jami Hepp, 1992–97

“Being a member of the Dance Team Alumni Society has been nothing short of special and rewarding. After spending 3 years with the program, I knew I was more than prepared for the future because I had such a strong support system behind me – amazing teammates, coaches and the alumni society. To be honest, there aren’t enough positive words to describe the people that are a part of the dance team program, both past and present. It is a true gift to be able to say that I have a “team” for the rest of my life. Between the alumni basketball performances, UDA Nationals trip to ESPN Wide World of Sport, and various events throughout the year, the society has given me such a sense of belonging. I am forever grateful. I look forward to watching the team grow and thrive in the years to come and supporting them along the way. Go Bucks!”

–Lyndsay Olenych, 2013–17

“Being a part of the Dance Team Alumni Society has allowed me to continue to grow the friendships that I formed while I was a member of the team. I’m lucky enough to go down to Orlando for nationals each year and experience the growth of the current team firsthand while reminiscing on years past with current alumni. Some alumni I talk to frequently, and some I only see once a year, but no matter the frequency of our communication we always pick up right where we left off when we’re back together. I’ve always felt lucky to have been a part of the team, but being able to continue this sisterhood that began years ago is a very special experience that I will never take for granted.”

–Jamie Moore, 2009–13

“When I came to Ohio State as a freshman from Maryland, I was amazed by the sense of community and commitment the alumni contributed to the university. I will never forget when I performed at my first spring game and there were over 100,000 people in attendance to kick off the season with the new team. From that moment, I knew I was part of something greater than myself. My experience as an Ohio State Dance Team alum has provided me and my family with the dynamic connection that I witnessed when I was a freshman at the university over ten years ago. Coming back to perform at basketball games with friends from my time on the team and alumni from years before I was a member, has provided me with so much meaning as I look at my legacy as a Buckeye. My passion for dance still lives on as I come back to these events and watch the current team grow and reach milestones that were dreams I envisioned for our program years ago. Traveling to Orlando and witnessing these dynamic women carry our name with class, diligence, grace and honor was one of the proudest moments of my life. I have always loved and believed in “Carmen Ohio” since I heard the words at my first football game. Gathering in a circle and singing “how firm thy friendship” with the dance team and their families after their national championship victory will be a memory forever tattooed onto my heart. I am honored to have such a compelling story of triumph and perseverance to tell to my children.” 

–Mannikka Rose, 2003–06

“Some of my most favorite memories come from the years I spent as an Ohio State Buckeye and Dance Team member. I met my best friends and soulmates during those years and truly do not know where I would be today without everything the dance team taught me about myself, teaming, responsibility, time management and doing what I love! I now live in Chicago, but make it a point every year to come back for the alumni performance, football tailgates and Nationals in Orlando! Every year these events give us all a chance to catch up with great friends, encourage a new generation of Buckeyes and make tons of new memories. I am so proud to be a part of this amazing group of women!”

–Karen Stansfield, 2002–04

“Being a part of the Alumni Association is so important and exciting to me because I am able to meet and stay involved with the current team, as well as give back to a program that gave me so much as a student. This program is always growing and evolving, and as an alumna, I am happy to know my contributions can help elevate this elite team to its fullest potential.”

–Lauren Whang, 2011–15