Dance Team alumni give back!

Thank you to all of the donors that have given to the program!

The Dance Team Alumni Society would especially like to recognize alumni who have generously donated on a consistent basis. The donors listed below have contributed monthly to our Endowment Fund, which directly benefits our scholarship program.

In Spring 2018, the coaches, Melissa, Patrick and Lauren, offered the first scholarships to two deserving dancers, Katie Devine and Maggie Reinhardt. This was a monumental moment for the program and we offer our sincerest gratitude for your help in this achievement.

Additionally, Ohio State’s Day of Giving was on March 22, 2019. Thank you to all who joined the combined effort and tradition of giving back. We appreciate you for living out our mission and your enduring support!

Monthly Donors to the Endowment Fund:
Lauren Axcell
Jenny Bresnahan
Emma Burmeister
Stacey Cacchio
Erica Drewry
Mindy Farry
Vivi Jacobs
Stephanie Jarrett
Morgan Kamins
Kate Lorenzetti
Jamie Moore
Mannikka Rosa
Celia Schnupp
Emily Whang
Lauren Whang
Tammy Zimmer